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Menu of Services 
Massage Therapy
During your appointment with one of our licensed massage practitioners, tensions are soothed, toxins are eliminated and your body is renewed. From the top of your scalp to the tips of your toes. Your body's unique needs will be carefully attended to.
Relaxation Massage
A gentle, relaxing Swedish Massage promotes relaxation and
releases muscle tension.
90 minutes: $95   60 minutes: $75   30 minutes: $35
Treatment Massage
A combination of massage techniques including deep tissue,
myofascial release, Swedish massage and stretching
restores function to injured muscles.
90 minutes: $100   60 minutes: $75   30 minutes: $35
Pregnancy Massage
Ideal for the mom-to-be for comfort and relief of achy muscles, Pregnancy Massage caters to her specific needs during
each phase of pregnancy.
90 minutes: $100  60 minutes: $75
Oncology Massage
Comfort-oriented therapy is designed to relax muscles and reduce stress,
maximizing balance and harmony in promoting whole healing with adjustments in positioning, pace, massage locations and pressure.

Specialized Bodywork
Thai Hot Stem Massage
The warm, aromatic Thai stems that are used to massage your body are excellent for cellulite reduction, soothing painful inflammation and softening and nourishing the skin, all while leaving you with a sense of well-being and rejuvenation.
90 minutes: $125
Add Facial Stem Massage 30 minutes: $30
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
"Aloha," respect, honor, sacredness and unconditional love, Lomi Lomi uses fluid, long flowing strokes with forearms to relax fatigued muscles, restore harmony throughout the body, rejuvenate the mind
and empower the soul.
90 minutes: $110   60 minutes: $80
This body contouring massage program provides measurable results without invasive surgery and accompanying downtime.
Complimentary consultation included.
Hot Stone Therapy
Escape to paradise with this deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience using heated stones flowing on the body with coconut oil melting the tension away from your muscles.
90 minutes: $110   60 minutes: $80
Cupping Massage
The suction cups used in this ancient healing treatment create
negative pressure to facilitate rigid soft tissue release
while increasing blood and lymph flow to skin and muscles.
Add this treatment to another massage.

Facial Massage
Organic Facial bliss Massage
Feed your skin with this hydrating and repairing facial massage. Designed with mature skin in mind, every step of this organic treatment will rejuvenate dull skin, help smooth fine lines and give your skin
a healthy glow.
60 minutes: $65
"HELP my face please" facial massage
This facial is designed for troubled or aging skin, this facial will address your needs with hydration, and renewal. Includes 1 mask,steam, massage, and specific treatment mask.Great facial for tired skin. 75 min $75

Body Treatments
Lyposlim Inch Loss Wrap
Warm wraps infused with natural herbs and minerals encompass you to help your body detox and lose extra water weight. You will continue to naturally detoxify for the next 24 hours. Results are measurable and vary.
Allow 90 minutes: $100
Warm Sugar Scrub and Masque
Begin with an exfoliation of the entire body using a wonderful blend of warm oils and sugar to help purify the skin, followed by an aromatic clay masque. This treatment finishes with an application of moisturizing therapy leaving your skin silky smooth.
Allow 90 minutes: $100

Foot Treatments
The ancient healing method of Reflexology utilizes pressure applied with the thumbs upon points on the feet to bring about balance and harmony to 
the mind, body and spirit through healing energy patterns. 
Includes relaxing foot bath and massage.
60 minutes: $80
Pacific Northwest Feet
This foot treatment combines raw sugars and oils to refresh and stimulate circulation in support of healthy feet and an energized body. This herbal treat includes mineral foot soak, scrub, massage and masque.
60 minutes: $65
Foot Detox
More than a standard foot soak; this specialized treatment works to detoxify 
all of the body's systems. Results may include blananced energy,
better sleep, reduction of joint pain, boosted immune system
 and a sense of calm and relaxation.
30 minutes: $25

A La Carte Options 
 These treatments can be added on to any 1 hour treatment for a reduced price.
Aromatherapy     $10
Oxygen Therapy     $20 First Treatment    $15 Each Additional
Paraffin Dip For Hands and Feet     $20
Foot Soak and Scrub     $20
Light Therapy     Quoted Individually
Cupping     $20 for 60 minutes (as an add-on to a massage only)
Bamboo warm Massage /Add on $25
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